Xinyu (Simon) Wu

President and Founder

Music for Awakening is a non-profit student membership group that performs music at many care centers and children centers in Shanghai. The group also travels to US during summer breaks to perform in similar centers in the United States. The music performed ranges anywhere from old time classics such as “To the spring” and “Nocturnes” to more contemporary songs or compositions featuring artists and composers such as Chopin and Jason Mraz. The group also performs kids’ music and music to advocate for children and women. Our performances contain a variety of instruments such as piano, viola, violin, guitar, and ukulele. Music helps bring a lot of joy to elders, kids and women in care centers, especially those with diseases or disabilities such as Alzheimer’s and mental loneliness, and those who needs encouragement to fight against or recover from domestic violence. Music for Awakening does our best job to bring what every joy we can.

Music for Awakening was founded by Xinyu (Simon) Wu in late 2018. Wu loves play piano. He is certified as Grade 8 music profession by the Music Grade Examination Committee of Shanghai Musicians’ Association. Wu also loves his community. After performing for a while, he realized his music not only brought smiles to patients’ faces, but also brought back old, happier memories, taking away the pain and loneliness they felt from being separated from loved ones. Wu also witnessed the kids and women who were hurt by domestic violence gain happiness and strength from his music.

Although music is not a medical treatment to cure diseases and mental trauma, it didn’t stop him from trying to bring more joy into patients, children and women’s lives. Wu is studying in an international program in Shanghai. He founded Music for Awakening to recruit more students who are also studying in international programs to join his effort to perform in multiple care centers and children centers.

Steve Sandler


Treasurer, Lemberg Children’s Center, Waltham, Massachusetts

Yong Zhang


President and COO,, LLC